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Cocoa Products

Immerse your brand in the world of luxury by offering high-quality cocoa derivatives to the confectionery, bakery, and beauty industries. Give your consumers the velvety-rich experience of our premium cocoa beans, processed and tailored to delight consumers' tastes.

Cater to vast segments of consumers with exquisite chocolates, cocoa powder, butter, and cosmetics produced using our sustainably sourced and processed cocoa beans.

Serving Your Production Goals

  • Chocolates: Enter and enhance your presence in the broad and growing American food market with lovely chocolate products from our best-grade cocoa bean.

  • Hot Beverages: Use our cleanly refined cocoa beans to address your consumers' needs for refreshing hot cocoa and chocolate beverages during the cold seasons.

  • Baking Ingredients: Improve the flavor and appeal of your baked products, cakes, brownies, and other confections using our cocoa powder as a staple in all your baking.

  • Ice Cream and Desserts: Give your consumers pleasant cocoa flavor in ice creams and desserts by adding our high-quality cocoa bean and cocoa derivatives as crucial components.

  • Cosmetics: Produce attractive moisturizers and lotions that meet consumers' expectations using our premium cocoa butter as an ingredient in your skincare products

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