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Cassava Starch

Address the growing demands around the food processing, gluten-free dishes, and convenience food sector in the United States for high-quality cassava starch required in gluten-free baking and in producing thickening agents and other modern food formulations.

Adopt our ethically sourced top-grade cassava starch in your food and beverages to transform the quality and texture of your food products and satisfy your consumers.

Serving Your Production Goals

  • Gluten-Free Baking: Achieve gluten-free baking and improve your baked products' light and airy texture by incorporating our top-grade cassava starch.

  • Boba (Bubble Tea): Secure the stable supply of our high-quality tapioca pearls as the vital ingredient in making your beverages and bubble tea.

  • Convenience Foods: Produce convenience foods such as instant puddings, cust, and other preserved foods using our top-grade cassava starch.

  • Thickening Agent: Provide clear and glossy consistency in your soups, sauces, and gravies by using our premium cassava starch as the thickening agent.

  • Dessert Toppings and Fillings: Make smooth and velvety textured pie fillings, fruit sauces, and creamy dessert toppings using our carefully refined cassava starch.

Talk to us about your needs.

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