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Bambara Nuts

Explore more opportunities in the vast American food, health, fitness, and wellness market by producing plant-based food products, protein-rich flour, nutrient-packed ingredients, nut butter, and healthy snacks for American consumers using our high-quality bambara nuts derivatives.

Embrace the growing demands for healthy meals to serve plant-based food alternatives using bambara nuts from our ethical and sustainable sources.

Serving Your Production Goals

  • Gluten-Free Flour: Cater to the rising needs among US consumers for alternative flour by utilizing our premium bambara nuts to produce gluten-free flour for baking and cooking.

  • Protein Snacks: Cater to health-conscious consumers who need nutritious and enjoyable snack alternatives by offering them protein-rich roasted and flavored bambara nuts as snacks.

  • Plant-Based Protein Formulations: Expand your plant-based protein-seeking consumer base by using our premium bambara nuts protein concentrates in making plant-based meat alternatives.

  • Nut Butter and Spreads: Adopt our high-quality bambara nuts as base ingredients in making nut butter and spreads to serve consumers seeking plant-based and allergen-friendly alternatives.

  • Functional Foods: Leverage the nutritional values of our high-quality bambara nuts to develop functional food items focused on providing health and wellness benefits.

Talk to us about your needs.

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